Saving the Granville with Zadie Smith

The event, ‘Saving the Granville with Zadie Smith’. Organised in collaboration with Dhelia Snoussi and the Granville Community Kitchen.  The event was programmed to mobilise support for a campaign to save the Granville & Carlton community centres which were under threat of demolition from Brent Council (and to be replaced with unaffordable housing). 


The Granville and Carlton Centres in South Kilburn have existed for over 100 years and have hosted everything from weddings to wakes. The council cited that the building as it exists today does not adequately use up all the space available to it. This reasoning was used despite Brent Council’s cuts to youth services in March, and for a space that functioned to serve young people’s activities. Leslie Barson and Deirdre Woods, who run the Save Granville campaign, still run a whole host of activities at the centre. The Otherwise Club, for instance, provides a home and supplementary schooling service with a free community meal every Friday. (Deirdre was also recently awarded the title of BBC Cook of the Year 2016.)  


Zadie Smith shared a reading of her novel, North West before a Q&A facilitated by writer and artist, Teju Adeleye.  The evening also featured poetry from Caleb Femi and Zia Ahmed as well as music by local artists, J-Unity.